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For professional and home body repair offers the largest selection of auto body hand tools for body work professionals and home auto body repairs. Purchase them immediately on our secure server. Shop for auto body hand tools now.

The Key to Metal Bumping

The Key to Metal Bumping

Frank Seargeant

An authoritative reference for techniques and methods for all phases of body and fender work, The Key to Metal Bumping is an excellent instruction manual and guide for every body man or student. Its 126 pages cover most approaches to body repair problems. Read more

Auto body hand tools for the professional
  • Dolly Blocks of various shapes and sizes to perfectly restore the intricate curves of fine auto body work.
  • A wide variety of Hammers to ding fine and heavy fender work back into shape.
  • Auto body picks to reach into areas inaccessible by other larger tools.
  • Auto body spoons for inside fender work and delicate prying, shaping and smoothing.
  • Files and file holders for the final finishing touches on completed auto body work.
  • Tool Sets for the beginning body work professional or home auto body repair.

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